You've got an idea. We think it's great.

Fantastapack Pro offers next-level customization when a traditional box style may not cut it. Get a chance to work side by side with one of our Fantastapack Sales Strategists to add a custom design element to your packaging.


Together we can make it even better.

Leverage the packaging experience of our Sales Strategists from ideation to delivery. In partnership with our award-winning Design department, we will collaborate to create a functional yet creative custom structural solution for you. If you need help bringing your creative vision to artistic life on your packaging, we have a fantastic external Print Specialist we can put you in touch with. 


Fantastapack Pro can produce custom engineered solutions utilizing inserts, dividers, cutouts, and more. With over 40+ years in the packaging industry, we have connections to help solve any obstacle to create a memorable packaging experience for your customers. 



So now what?

Great question! We want to hear more about your project, your vision, and your end goals. Please fill out a brief introduction form on the right-hand side to get started. One of our team members will connect with you shortly.